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English language tour is NOT AVAILABLE from June 2006 to April 2007.
All tours are operated in JAPANESE. Sorry for this inconvenience.

These conditions have been developed to clarify the risks and responsibilities for you and us when making a reservation and undertaking a guided seakayak tour. Seakayaking is an adventure activity with physical and financial risks. On guided tours we manage the physical risks to very low levels and the financial risks are detailed here.
Risk is an inherent part of an adventure sport like seakayaking. Every aspect of our operation is designed to put safety first. On a guided tour you have a local expert managing the safety aspects. We may change the route or itinerary of a tour for safety reasons or to improve the quality. We may substitute guiding walking or water taxi services if sea conditions become unsuitable for kayaking. All our tours are designed for people with a moderate level of fitness. Kayaking experience is not necessary but reasonable balance and flexibility is recommended. Some tours have a potential for being more challenging than others. You must inform us of any existing medical conditions that could effect your ability to complete the tour.
You can cancel a confirmed reservation, however, cancellation fees apply to short notice cancellations. The full refund period and cancellation fees vary depending on the timing, these are detailed below. No refunds, either deposits or full payment will be available if you do not notify us of your cancellation prior to your check-in time or you are late for the meeting time of the tour.
<Cancellation fees>
Till 18:00 of 4 days before of the tour no charge (full refund)
Till 18:00 of 3 days before of the tour 30% of the tour price
Till 18:00 of the day before the tour 50% of the tour price
After 18:00 of the day before of the tour 100%
Cancellation is accepted only in business hours (8:00 - 18:00) by using phone call to Noasobiya. Please notice by using Email or FAX will not be accepted.
Once you arrive for your tour, and weather conditions are OK and the tour is running, we expect you to honor your reservation and no refunds will be given. Our cancellation and refund policies for tours disrupted by weather or sea conditions are detailed below. Refunds only apply to the loss of full days of your tour or where additional services that are included in the tour price could not be provided or accessed due to weather. No part refunds apply for part days lost due to delayed starts or early returns due to weather conditions.
We recommend you to have travel insurance that covers loss of deposits or payments.

Bad weather may effect the start of your tour, or it may arrive during the tour. We have a range of policies and responses to the varying situations.

<1> If we consider sea or weather conditions to be too difficult or unsafe, we do not launch kayaks. If weather prevents us from launching at our usual time;
a) you can cancel your reservation and receive a full refund, or
b) you can postpone to the next day (if space available), or
c) we may delay the start if conditions are expected to improve during the morning. In this case you still have the options of canceling or postponing as above.
<2> If sea and weather conditions are difficult but safe, we still run the tour for confident clients only and provide suitable warm clothing. All other clients will be offered a postponement, or a full refund.
<3> If sea conditions are good, but rain (or heavy rain) is expected most of the day, we will run the tour and provide suitable warm clothing. You may choose not to join a tour in these conditions and you will be given the option of a postponement or a full refund.
If weather conditions are cool or cloudy or with a risk of light showers but sea conditions are good, we will run the tour, providing you with suitable warm clothing, and expect you to honor your reservation.

Once a trip has been started we have a variety of contingency plans for bad weather and your guide will choose the best way.

(C) Copyright NOASOBIYA, Inc. All right reserved.
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